The Longest OT Quotation in Paul, Pt. 2: Poetic Structure

As promised, here is my form analysis of Paul’s catena in Romans 3:10-18. Most of the material here is drawn from a paper I did for Dr. Benjamin Simpson in his Romans Exegesis course at Dallas Theological Seminary in the Summer of 2019. The Greek is layed out in lines, with repeated words or relatedContinue reading “The Longest OT Quotation in Paul, Pt. 2: Poetic Structure”

The Longest Old Testament Quotation in Paul

In Romans 3:10-18, Paul brings out the longest string of quotations from the Hebrew scriptures of anywhere else in his letters. Here are the facts: this passage is nine¬†verses long and quotes six¬†passages without breaking (cf Rom 15:9-12). There are at least five psalms quoted (Pss 14:1-3, 5:10, 140:4, 10:7, and 36:1) and one passageContinue reading “The Longest Old Testament Quotation in Paul”