New Testament Studies Emphasis

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Description of New Testament Studies Emphasis Requirements:

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  • Required Courses for the New Testament Studies Emphasis
    • NT335 Exegesis in 1 Corinthians: an advanced course in translation and exegesis applied to the book of 1 Corinthians
    • NT205 Advanced Greek Grammar: an advanced course in the syntactical analysis of the New Testament and Greek grammar research methodology using qualitative and quantitative analysis of the New Testament and other relevant ancient Greek texts via electronic tools such as Logos, Accordance, and TLG for the purpose of better exegeting the Greek text of the New Testament
    • NT420 Seminary on New Testament Literary Contexts: a seminar/reading course devoted to surveying Jewish, Greco-Roman, and early Christian literature relevant to the study of the New Testament in its literary, socio-cultural, and historical-political environment
    • Additional Coursework
      • NT410 New Testament City: a course introducing the analysis of material culture for the use of better understanding the historical and cultural contexts of the New Testament
    • New Testament Related Coursework Required for the ThM
      • NT101 Beginning Greek I
      • NT102h Honors Greek II
      • NT103 Intermediate New Testament Greek
      • NT104 Introduction to New Testament Exegesis
      • NT105 Exegesis of Romans
      • NT113 New Testament Introduction
      • BE105 Gospels
      • BE106 Acts and Paul
      • BE107 General Epistles and Revelation
  • Required Artifacts for the New Testament Studies Emphasis
    • One Exegetical Paper from NT105 (Exegesis of Romans)
    • Term Paper from NT335 (Exegesis of 1 Corinthians)
    • Term Paper from NT205 (Advanced Greek Grammar)
    • Book Review
    • Conference Paper
    • ThM Thesis

Requirements Completed with descriptions:

  1. Exegetical Paper from NT105 Exegesis of Romans
  2. Term Paper from NT335 Exegesis of 1 Corinthians
  3. Term Paper from NT205 Advanced Greek Grammar

Requirements In-Process (incomplete)

  • Current Progress: I will complete the following items by May 2021.
    1. Book Review: I will complete this by August 15, 2020
    2. Conference Paper: I will complete this by December 15, 2020
    3. ThM Thesis: I will complete this by the end of May 2021

Reflective Statements

  • Learning Reflection (100 word minimum)

“As I developed and demonstrated [ministry concentration], I have learned __________ [something you have learned about yourself, about people, about ministry, and/or about God].”

  • Lifelong Development Statement (100 word minimum)

“As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in [ministry emphasis] by __________ [something you will do differently next time or continue to improve upon].”