The purpose of this blog is to document my adventures as a student, poet, musician, and friend and to lead others to enriching resources for their own study of the Bible in its original languages and contexts in the ancient world.

Christopher Marsh completed a ThM (a Masters of Theology) at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he focused on the New Testament, Greek, and the Greco-Roman backgrounds of Early Christianity in addition to a lot of coursework in Bible, theology, and ministry. His experience in music and poetry has driven him to explore the musical, poetic, and liturgical aspects of the New Testament. As a worship leader and musician for almost 15 years, Christopher has led, started, or consulted for music teams at a variety of churches and ministries. If he has earbuds in, he’s probably listening to punk rock, screamo, prog, or Led Zeppelin, but he also enjoys the serenity of hiking, flyfishing, and drawing when he can find the time. With his wife and three children, he lives in Dallas, TX.

Research Interests:
Ancient and Hellenistic Greek Language and Linguistics (esp. Syntax and Rhetoric)
Ancient Music (Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman)
Music, Song, and Poetry in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity
Early Christian Liturgy and Worship
Hellenistic and Early Imperial Archaeology
Biblical Theology (Christology, Ecclesiology, Liturgy & Worship, Aesthetics, Pauline Theology)