• Episode 3: Slavery in the Ancient Mediterranean World and the New Testament with Robin Thompson

    In this episode, we explore the heart-wrenching and often divisive topic of slavery in the Ancient Mediterranean World and its relation to the New Testament and the earliest Christians. Robin Thompson (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is Adjunct Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University and a visiting professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas TheologicalContinue… Read more

  • Episode 2: Intertextuality and the Old Testament in the New Testament with Mario Melendez

    In this episode of the Engaging the New Testament podcast, we will be exploring intertextuality. Basically, “intertextuality” means the use of one text or set of texts in another text, like when someone in a movie or on a website quotes someone else or purposely says something to remind you of another work, person, orContinue… Read more

  • Episode 1: New Testament Text Criticism with Elijah Hixson and Peter Gurry

    In this episode of the Engaging the New Testament podcast, we explore the fascinating topic of New Testament textual criticism. Textual Criticism, in a nutshell, is the study of how we establish the most accurate text of the New Testament. This area of study is critical for understanding the New Testament, but many people struggleContinue… Read more

  • Episode 0: Introduction

    I’m starting a new podcast called Engaging the New Testament! It will feature interviews with New Testament scholars and other experts to help us wrap our minds around important issues that help us better understand and engage the New Testament text and early Christian beliefs and practices. Hopefully, this ends up being helpful and piquesContinue… Read more

  • The Longest OT Quotation in Paul, Pt. 2: Poetic Structure

    As promised, here is my form analysis of Paul’s catena in Romans 3:10-18. Most of the material here is drawn from a paper I did for Dr. Benjamin Simpson in his Romans Exegesis course at Dallas Theological Seminary in the Summer of 2019. The Greek is layed out in lines, with repeated words or relatedContinue… Read more

  • The Longest Old Testament Quotation in Paul

    In Romans 3:10-18, Paul brings out the longest string of quotations from the Hebrew scriptures of anywhere else in his letters. Here are the facts: this passage is nine verses long and quotes six passages without breaking (cf Rom 15:9-12). There are at least five psalms quoted (Pss 14:1-3, 5:10, 140:4, 10:7, and 36:1) and one passageContinue… Read more